Bitcoin price hits $ 19,500 – BTC dominance still falls

Bitcoin continues to be bullish this week and is currently only around 4 percent below its all-time high. The increasing strength of many altcoins meanwhile causes a significant decline in BTC dominance.

The reserve currency can hold on to its bullish trend this week and will rise by around 6 percentage points on a weekly basis

Depending on the exchange, the BTC price is still three or 4.5 percent short of its all-time high. A price weakness is still not discernible. Bitcoin can now generate a new all-time high at any time. It will be exciting to see whether investors will cash in again in 2017 after the price crash from the then all-time high, or whether there will be a dynamic attempt to break out.

It is also important for investors to take into account that altcoins have also increased significantly in the past as soon as Bitcoin reached a new all-time high. The approaching all-time high in Bitcoin goes hand in hand with a new all-time high in the Dow Jones Index, which rose above 30 yesterday for the first time.

Bullish scenario (Bitcoin price)

The buying interest currently seems to continue unabated, any price setbacks are absorbed by the market and used for further purchases. If the bulls manage to enter the resistance area between 19,884 US dollars and 20,089 US dollars and also to overcome the daily closing price, a march through to the 200 Fibonacci extension at 21,113 US dollars should be planned.

If this resistance is overcome dynamically, a follow-up movement of up to 23,887 US dollars is conceivable. The maximum price target is still 26,664 US dollars (261 Fibonacci retracment). Investor sentiment is still not to be rated as greedy, and the relatively low Google search queries for the term Bitcoin do not yet indicate the hype as in 2017.