Blockswap to Host Multichain ERC20 at ETHCC: Revolutionize Web3!

• Blockswap Labs is hosting a side event at the ETHCC week in Paris, France on July 19, 2023.
• Multichain ERC20 event will focus on the decentralisation of Ethereum and its enhanced staking options and robust security measures.
• The two tracks in this event will be ETH Restaking and LSD: Extending Ethereum Security for Middleware.

Blockswap To Host Multichain ERC20 During ETHCC Conference

Blockswap Labs, a renowned blockchain research lab and protocol solutions provider, is pleased to announce its side event at the highly anticipated ETHCC week in Paris, France, scheduled on July 19, 2023. At this event, attendees will have a chance to explore the future of Web3 and actively interact with top-notch industry leaders.

Overview of Multichain ERC20 Event

Multichain ERC20 unites visionaries, developers, investors, and enthusiasts in a collaborative forum to explore the most recent infrastructure advancements and innovations within Ethereum. Blockswap’s primary goal at ETHCC is to enlighten the Ethereum community on the decentralisation of Ethereum through enhanced staking options and robust security measures. The esteemed speakers at Multichain ERC20 event include 20squares, Blockswap Labs, Dappnode, DFG, Diva, Gauntlet, Ion Protocol IOSG Jsquare Obol Network Robust Incentives Group (Ethereum Foundation) Runtime Verification SafeStake etc.

Tracks In Multichain ERC20 Event

The Multichain ERC20 event at ETHCC consists of two distinct tracks that offer unique insights and discussions led by experts in the field:

Track 1: ETH Restaking And LSD: Extending Ethereum Security For Middleware

Explore the world of restaking and Composable Validator Marketplace; a decentralized ecosystem that revolutionizes Ethereum’s coordination of validators and dApps. Learn how restaking optimizes validator yield extends Ethereum security & enhances overall ecosystem including challenges associated with extending Ethereum security creating trustless marketplaces for dApps & protocols accessing validators increasing validator earnings difference between slashable security & extending validator lifetime etc

Track 2: Introduction Of Revolutionary Protocols

Witness introduction of revolutionary protocols advancing decentralization & empowering users featuring topics like differences between financial instruments & tokenized assets automated market makers token design strategies interoperability cross-chain communication layer backed crypto services digital identity systems smart contract performance optimization strategies etc