TMS Network Gives Mammoth ROI, Aptos & Sui Tensions Go Public

Summary of the Article

  • TMS Network (TMSN) launched its presale and raised $500K in two weeks, plus an additional $2 million in private seed sale.
  • Aptos (APT) and Sui have been caught up in a controversy after Pontem disinvited Sui delegates from the upcoming MoveCon conference.
  • The Solana (SOL) network suffered its 10th outage, which has caused bearish market sentiments. The price of Solana (SOL) has fallen by 4% in the last 24 hours.

TMS Network Gives Mammoth ROI During Presale

TMS Network (TMSN) is a trading platform that solves existing trading issues such as excessive centralization, slow transaction times, low return on investment, high fees, and less transparency. Due to such revolutionary and real-world utility, TMS Network’s (TMSN) presale has achieved many milestones. It has raised a whopping $500k in just two weeks of its launch. Besides, TMS Network has raised an additional $2 million in a private seed sale.

Controversy Between Aptos and Sui

The hostility between Aptos (APT) and Sui, two blockchains that have their origin in Facebook’s defunct Diem stablecoin project, has come to the public domain. It happened when Pontem – a crypto wallet backed by the Aptos network – first invited and then disinvited delegates of Sui from the upcoming MoveCon conference. Notably, Move is the base language of both Aptos & Sui. Some people familiar with the development stated that Aptos told Pontem organizers to exclude Sui speakers from the conference; however, Aptos clarified they had no role in Pontem’s decisions. Meanwhile, Aptos price saw an increase of 1.34%; however on monthly chart it’s down by 20%. Currently it’s being traded at around $13.27 mark.

Solana Suffers Its 10th Downtime

Network outages have become common on Solana network recently; Solana suffered its 10th network outage on February 25th 2021 though reason for recent outage hasn’t been revealed yet but this downtime affected transactions & other activities on Solana network which forced developers to term it as minor mishap but wider crypto community questioned capabilities of Solana since outages are quite frequent & faced bearish market sentiments due to this reason price fell by 4% in last 24 hours .

Conclusion The article discusses recent developments related to three different projects: TMS Network -which witnessed huge success during its presale-, Apto -which was caught up into controversy with another blockchain project called Sui- & finally we discussed about Solana suffering from 10th network outage resulting bearish market sentiment for SOL token .