Vitalik Buterin’s Role in Hinman Docs Revealed: Here’s The Truth

• The newly revealed documents indicate that Vitalik Buterin, the mastermind behind Ethereum, was involved in consultations leading to a pivotal speech by William Hinman, former SEC director.
• This 2018 discourse led to a watershed moment, demarcating Ethereum (ETH) as not being a “security”, lending it an exceptional legal status.
• Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO anticipates these documents scheduled for release to provide a crucial edge to their legal defense in the ongoing Ripple-SEC lawsuit.

Twist Revealed: Is Vitalik Buterin Linked to the Process of Hinman Documents?

Recently disclosed documents suggest that Vitalik Buterin played a role in events leading up to William Hinman’s pivotal speech distinguishing Ethereum from securities. The statement made by Hinman in 2018 lent Ethereum an exceptional legal status.

Buterin’s Unexpected Role

An excerpt from the recently released materials shows that there was internal opposition within the SEC against clubbing Ethereum with Bitcoin as assets not classified as „securities“. However, on June 4th of that year, Hinman circulated a draft of his speech among division heads which included plans for engaging with Buterin later that week to validate their understanding of how the Ethereum Foundation works. This indicates Buterin’s influence on the ultimate outcome of the speech.

The Significance of The Hinman Documents

Known as „Hinman Documents“, these internal communications are seen as critical components within Ripple’s case against the SEC and CEO Brad Garlinghouse is anticipating its release for providing them with an advantage in their legal defense.

Implications Of The Dispute

This ongoing dispute between Ripple and the SEC has implications not just for them but also for other crypto projects and associated businesses who could face similar issues under federal regulation when it comes to classification of digital assets as securities or commodities or something else altogether.


The revelation surrounding Buterin highlights his influence in this significant event from three years ago and emphasizes its importance even today when it comes to regulatory clarity around cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. It will be interesting to see what information is divulged upon release of these documents and how it affects Ripple’s case against the SEC moving forward.